Our Services

Exceptional teeth cleaning at your home or on-site at your nursing facility serving the Bay Area.

Dental Hygiene Services available

  1. Hygiene Consultation

  2. Hygiene exam & charting of the teeth

  3. Oral cancer screening

  4. Limited radiographs for hygiene considerations

  5. Teeth cleaning types:

A. Preventative cleaning in the absence of gum disease (Scaling of all teeth includes polishing)

B. Therapeutic scaling of teeth and roots (Deep cleaning including topical numbing gel as needed)

C. Maintenance cleaning (After deep cleaning to maintain health)

  1. Denture cleaning (full and partial)

  2. Fluoride varnish treatment

  3. Silver diamine fluoride treatment

  4. Customized oral hygiene recommendations

  5. Regularly scheduled visits for continued care

  6. Communication by work order with the preferred medical provider

  7. Dentist recommendations and referral

  8. Music therapy, aromatherapy, and stress reduction

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Are you eligible for on-site dental care?

Requirements per Medicare:

  1. You require assistance to get out of the home

  2. Your illness restricts the ability to leave home without help

  3. You use an aid such as crutches, cane, wheelchair, or walker

  4. Your medical condition(s) can get worse when leaving your home

  5. You're diagnosed with a disability

  6. You have a medical doctor

The State of California has determined that oral health disparities among the homebound are the most severe untreated diseases. There is a great need for preventive teeth cleanings and therapeutic hygiene services in nursing facilities.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports "About 2 in 3 (68%) adults aged 65 years or older have gum disease"