About Us

Exceptional teeth cleaning at your home or on-site at your nursing facility serving the Bay Area.

Our mission is to provide exceptional lifetime dental care, improve the health of our patients, and continually advance our knowledge to provide the highest standard of oral care.

Dana Yumul, RDHAP EF II

Meet your hygienist

Dana Yumul is the owner and operator of The Dental Hygiene Group. Dana is an expert in the dental field as a clinical provider and manager for over a decade treating thousands of patients. She loves to clean teeth, educate, and motivate our patients.

She has experience treating geriatric, pediatric, and the general population. She has over 60,000 hours of restorative practice that allows her to differentiate herself from other RDHAPs. She carries a restorative license, RDHEF II that allows for fillings, crowns, dentures, and root canal techniques giving a well-rounded approach to treating the patient’s dental needs. Although she plans to provide dental hygiene services only, Dana is able to recognize diseases and treatments that require the needs of a dentist or a specialist.

Dana is a mother of 3 amazing children, Giovani, Joshua Jr., and Brea. She loves to spend time with her children and husband Joshua. She also cares for her mother Lisa and two dogs Ivey and Junior.


Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, FHCC

Associates of Science in Dental Hygiene, SJVC

RDHAP Dental Hygiene Program, UOP

RDAEF II Dental Program, UCLA

Keys to Success

  • We provide personalized teeth cleanings

  • We travel to your location

  • We can treat you in the comfort of your home

  • We will make the process easy, safe, and valuable

  • We will help to improve your oral health and overall health

  • We will offer additional wellness benefits (e.g. a diet assessment/food journal plan)

  • We communicate your way! Instructions, recommendations, treatment plans, will be given to the patient, family, and caregiver of your choice

  • We are privacy compliant, ethical, and professional